Meet The Team: Lisa Horvath, Owner

Lisa Horvath, also known as Lee, The Big Boss, and Little Lisa, is the other owner of Real Antique Wood. It's been one crazy and amazing ride since Lisa and Gary met in the early 90s, got married, and joined forces to start A.T.C. Hardwood Flooring. Back in 2011 when Gary approached Lisa about the problems he faced with sourcing reclaimed wood flooring and wanting to provide customers with the history of the old wood, Lisa was the one who encouraged the idea of opening their own reclaimed wood operation.

The skills Lisa gained as a successful hair stylist and the office manager for a well known concierge car service, combined with her many years of wood flooring experience, gave her a creative and business-minded approach that was necessary to turn the dream of Real Antique Wood into a reality.

With an intuitive eye for design, Lisa has an extraordinary ability to bring a customer's vision to life. She is the smiling face that greets our customers in the showroom, the friendly voice that answers the phone, and the one who keeps us all in line here at the shop. Lisa has kept the engines running at the mill, making sure customers are taken care of, the orders are processed, our crew is happy, and Gary is on schedule with his many appointments. For years she has done the work of 5 people and we're so happy that our work family has grown to support her!

Lisa can be found carrying barn doors three times her size, sawing a piece of wood that needs to be cut, or playing tag with her beloved dog Levi around the showroom. Lisa's warm heart, patience, and no nonsense attitude make her the perfect balance to Gary's relentless drive. Real Antique Wood owes its legacy to this strong woman and her true love for all things old wood.




The Beach Barn

We're always finding new and fun ways to bring reclaimed wood into the world. Our owners Lisa and Gary Horvath recently re-did the exterior of their cozy, oceanside New Jersey home and turned it into The Beach Barn!

The house is sided with our silver shiplap oak barn siding. The front door is an original Dutch door we rescued from one of our salvaging missions. And of course this little barn wouldn't be complete without its tin roof! The Beach Barn certainly stands out in the neighborhood and has everyone asking about its rustic look. Using barn siding for the exterior of a home or business is a great way to add character and functionality all with a focus on recycling and history.



Client Spotlight: J&Co Hair

We are firm believers that reclaimed wood can enhance any setting. J&Co Hair Salon in Paramus, New Jersey blends rustic and sleek to achieve a warm, inviting, and on trend salon. 

We provided a beautiful white barn siding reception desk and it's truly an attention grabber when you first walk in. The waiting area is complete with a high tabletop made from our poplar threshing floor where customers can read a magazine (or a Real Antique Wood brochure — thanks J&Co!) before getting their locks crafted. In the far back one of our original barn doors separates the laundry and kitchen area from the rest of the salon.

We love an aesthetic that uses touches of rustic combined with artsy and modern. It's a great way to honor our recycled materials in a fresh, new way. Check out J&Co the next time you need the perfect haircut or color and tell them their friends at Real Antique Wood sent you!



Antique Wooden Ship Signs

We're always coming across new and exciting treasure on our nonstop hunt for reclaimed wood and our latest haul is no exception. These mahogany and teak signs were once on the sides of ships! The SeaLand signs come from the well known Maersk SeaLand shipping company and the Azalea City was a ship that was sunken off the coast of Point Pleasant, NJ to become an ocean reef. As for the rest, well we're just using our imagination to fill in the blanks. These signs range from 10' to 18' long, with carved letters painted in different colors like white and gold. These signs would make the perfect rustic addition to restaurants, large kitchens, businesses, and outdoor spaces. We can't wait to see what creative ways our customers use them! Come by the shop to check out these great antique signs and let your imagination run wild.




Shiplap. It's everywhere and it's something that we get asked about daily. Farmhouse style is only on the rise and with it shiplap has found it's way into mainstream interior design vocabulary. But what IS shiplap? I'm Levi the shop dog at Real Antique Wood and I'm here to clear it up for you.

Shiplap refers to the way wood is joined together, not the type of wood. Shiplap can be any species, size, or color of wood. Shiplap is cut with notches (or rabbets) into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together, forming a tight seal. This also gives shiplap its distinctive appearance, with those famous gaps between each piece. Shiplap can be painted or left raw, can be used horizontally or vertically, and is available in all species from our mill. 

Tongue and Groove is another way to join boards together that we use quite a lot. The boards are given ridges and grooves down their sides that then interlock to give a tighter seam between boards. Tongue and groove is most popularly used for flooring, but looks great for siding as well.

Square Edge is yet another way we join our boards and this technique is really simple. This requires no grooves or notches, but just straight edges of the boards placed next to one another in a horizontal or vertical placement. 

Does this clear up your shiplap questions? We sure hope so! Have any questions or suggestions for the next Levi's Lessons? Email us at info@realantiquewood.com.



Meet the Team: Gary Horvath, Owner

Did you know that our owner Gary Horvath has over 35 years of experience in the hardwood flooring business? Gary started working at the age of 15 with Anderson Flooring based in Hackensack, NJ, where he learned the basics and gained his valuable knowledge and expertise. In 1992 Gary, along with his wife Lisa, established A.T.C Hardwood Flooring, Inc.

After seeing that there was a need for proper installation of reclaimed wood flooring, Gary and Lisa opened Real Antique Wood, where we turn antique wood into flooring, furniture, and more. Gary and Lisa weren't exactly sure where this whole reclaimed wood thing would go and they are truly astonished and humbled every day at the lives we touch with our love for old wood.

Gary holds several degrees through the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) including Craftsman, Master Craftsman, and Vanguard. He is also a Bona Certified Craftsman. He is actively involved in continuing education sometimes as the student and sometimes as the teacher!

Gary's expertise ranges from:

  • Expert at installing solid wood over concrete and over radiant heat
  • Expert sub floor repair work
  • Historical renovation expert
  • Expert installation and waxing of reclaimed wood floors

If we could bottle Gary up he would be the most highly caffeinated energy drink on the market. Gary's days are never identical and he can be found at the mill, taking down a barn in Ohio, on a hardwood flooring job, or on the road looking at a barn prospect. His enthusiasm for all things unique and cool is what infuses Real Antique Wood with its drive to always keep moving forward.