Allyson is our barn wood artist, our biggest cheerleader, and the one who keeps us (and our showroom) organized. She started working with us this past spring and instantly became a part of the Real Antique Wood family. When it comes to helping our customers, Allyson is an expert at guiding them through our process to make their reclaimed wood dreams a reality. 

Allyson's appreciation and enthusiasm for reclaimed wood is apparent in the beautiful hand painted works of art she creates with our barn wood cut-offs and scraps. We proudly display her pieces throughout our showroom and encourage our customers to purchase them for their homes and special spaces! 

An avid Weird NJ explorer and antique hunter, she can often be found driving into the middle of nowhere to find a cool abandoned structure or quirky shop. Allyson has an eye for all things reclaimed and a heart to make old, forgotten things (and us!) feel loved again.

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