Meet The Team: Megan Curley

Often referred to as "our computer girl" by Gary, our brand and marketing manager Megan Curley has introduced Real Antique Wood into the world of digital technology. After joining the team in March of 2015, Megan made instant waves when on her second day of work she posted the picture of our Floor of the Year 2015 submission to Facebook (see below). The picture went viral and received over 14 million views. It seemed Megan had accidentally set the bar pretty high for herself!

After the excitement of the "viral floor" kicked things off, Megan moved forward with bringing the Real Antique Wood brand up to speed. Refreshing the brand's presence was the first order by creating a new logo and website to represent the company. She revamped our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and began giving them daily attention to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of our reclaimed wood projects.

Megan is our in-house photographer, social media manager, and digital advertising strategist. At Real Antique Wood she gets to combine her passion for writing, photography, and old wood all in one. Megan brings customers and attention to us from all over and we owe our growth and popularity to her marketing savvy.