Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed Flooring by Real Antique Wood

Our wide plank flooring is 100% reclaimed from old barns, factories, and other antiquated structures. Everyone from private homeowners, to contractors, and designers can find the perfect species to serve their design purposes.  

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Reclaimed Herringbone Flooring Real Antique Wood

Herringbone patterns, end grain blocks, weaves and other designs bring an artistic approach to reclaimed and recycled antique wood and allow decades of wear without excessive maintenance.

The high demand for reclaimed wood is one we meet with our large supply of wood in a multitude of species. Everything we have in stock is U.S.A. wood only — all original growth from our very own lands. It is our duty to salvage as much of this material as we can before it's all been recycled or has decomposed back into the earth. Our stock is always changing as we dismantle and salvage antique wood, so stop by our showroom to see what we've got! 

We offer:

Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut
Reclaimed Hickory
Reclaimed Heart Pine
Reclaimed Beech
Reclaimed Maple
Reclaimed Douglas Fir
Reclaimed Birch
Reclaimed Elm
Mixed Species

Reclaimed Chestnut
Reclaimed Oak / White Oak
Reclaimed Heart Pine
Reclaimed White Pine / Pumpkin Pine
Reclaimed Hemlock Planks
Milled Antique Barn Wood
End Grain Block Flooring
Reclaimed Cherry
Reclaimed Walnut