Loved & Found

We are super excited to share our latest venture with you! We've been working on an idea for a while now and the time came to stop dreaming about it and put it into action. With all of the barns we take down we acquire some really cool things. From vintage trunks and antique mason jars to unique doors and furniture, our collection is storied and one of a kind.

We love the idea of sharing the cool pieces we find in the barns we rescue with as many people as possible and so we started up a new venture: Loved & Found. Through Loved & Found we provide vintage and custom rentals for weddings, events, photo shoots, and corporate functions.

What really sets us apart from other vintage rental companies is our custom pieces! Reclaimed wood farm tables, pergolas made from reclaimed wood, barn doors and beyond — because you didn't really think we'd start up something new that didn't incorporate reclaimed wood now did you? Check us out: