This Is How We Reclaim

Every day we are asked where we get our barn wood from and we are always excited to jump in and tell the story of our old wood. The majority of our barns are salvaged in Ohio as we now have quite a reputation for barn rescuing amongst the Ohio farmers. The process of reclaiming our barn wood is one that we're proud to have perfected. Just as the barns were built, they are disassembled with care, precision, and a vision in mind. 

Our process back at the mill is thorough and well practiced as well. One of the very first steps for our reclaimed wood is de-nailing. It is passed over many times to ensure no nails are left behind. The wood then gets put into the kiln to kill off any bugs and/or if it is necessary to dry the wood. The wood is then milled, wire brushed, finished, or fabricated into the finished piece. 

We know that we play an important role in the lives of these old barns and this is at the forefront of everything that we do. We love old wood, we love our American history, and we love taking this precious material and making heirloom pieces that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come.