Reclaimed vs Antique

Reclaimed seems to be incorporated in every designer's and do-it-yourself-er's decor these days and we couldn't be happier. Whether it's a vintage piece scooped up at an antique shop or a feature wall made of reclaimed wood or other materials, it's a wonderful thing to recycle and repurpose within your design space.

As with popular design techniques and trends, there are many options for reclaimed wood and other materials out there. As we see more and more reclaimed furniture available in the mainstream, it made us start thinking about the word reclaimed, our world of antique wood, and what it all means.

The definition of reclaimed is to recover material in it's pure form to reuse it in a new way. This term definitely applies to us and what we do, but it can also apply to any type of wood or material. People everywhere are reclaiming wood and turning it into art, furniture, and more. For example, pallet wood is used by high end furniture brands to make coffee tables, farm tables, and more. Pallet wood comes from shipping pallets that are used to transport different items across the country and around the world. Today's pallets are made from all different types of scrap wood and are made with the short term in mind as they aren't as strong or lasting as pallets of the past. The re-use of pallet wood is certainly an excellent idea, but it really isn't the same as our reclaimed wood.

This is where we like to differentiate our wood by calling it by its truest name — real antique wood. Our wood is truly antique wood, cut down over 100 years ago after growing hundreds of years prior to that. We dismantle barns built with this wood and salvage this precious material, bringing it on home to our mill where we craft it into furniture, flooring, and beyond. It's reclaimed. It's antique. It's old wood being given a new life. 

Whatever type of reclaimed material or item you craft or purchase, we applaud you. It's a beautiful thing to repurpose and be kind to our earth with these eco-friendly practices.