The "As-Is" Sale is here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Our As-Is Sale is just that. All items on sale are sold "as-is" in their current state. This means that if you like it, it's coming home with you the size and condition you see it in, nails, splinters, and all. Stop by the showroom to check out what we've got. This sale is on NOW and is here to stay until we sell out of these materials! Here's what's on sale at the mill:


As-Is Sale

Red / White / Brown Siding
$3.00 per board foot

Soft Wood Joists
2" thick + up
$3.00 per board foot

Doug Fir
$2.00 per board foot

Hand Hewn Beams
6" x 6" + up, 8' and longer
$45.00 per linear foot

Big Barn Doors
$200.00 each

no wheels $50.00, with wheels $75.00