100% Recycled 🌲 💚 ♻️

Did you know that we are really into recycling? It might seem obvious since we are a reclaimed wood company, but our love for recycling and repurposing has deeper roots than you realize!

Barn Wood - This one is a given, but we love what we do so much we can't stop talking about it. We dismantle barns built 100-150 years ago and bring the antique wood back to our mill where we turn it into beautiful flooring, furniture, and more. 

Wood Scraps - Our reclaimed wood is then recycled again when the scraps that we can't use wind up in our big wood dumpster. This is where we invite crafters and do-it-yourselfers to use the wood scraps from our custom flooring and furniture for their projects! Any wood that isn't used by our friends is collected and turned into mulch. 

Metal - Ever wonder what happens to all of the antique nails that we find in our barn wood? Once the wood comes back to the mill, our awesome crew removes each and every nail during our detailing process. The nails are then recycled at a local scrap yard, melted down, and used again! (Don't worry - we do save some of them for their cool factor.)

Dust - We produce a lot of sawdust. A lot. Our sawdust is collected and given to a western New Jersey horse farm that boards 150 horses. There it is used on the stall floors, collected once soiled, and put into a compost system where it turns into fertilizer. That fertilizer is then used to grow new grass on the horse farm property that the horses will one day eat and start the cycle over again!

We love being able to preserve our collective American history while also being conscious of our future!