Hardwood Flooring with Heart

Sometimes we are so focused on where we're going that we forget to highlight where we've been. Many of you might not know it, but before Real Antique Wood ever existed our owners Gary and Lisa were running a hardwood flooring business. Gary started working in the world of hardwood flooring at the age of 15 where he learned the basics and gained valuable knowledge and expertise. Then in 1992 he and Lisa established A.T.C. Hardwood Flooring

After 38 years of honing his craft and becoming what we like to refer to as "the godfather of hardwood floors" Gary found that there was a need for proper installation of reclaimed wood flooring. So in 2011 Gary and Lisa opened the Real Antique Wood that you know and love today where we turn reclaimed wood into flooring, furniture, and more.

Our reclaimed wood flooring is 100% reclaimed from old barns and other antiquated structures. We absolutely love installing reclaimed wood flooring into homes, restaurants, and businesses. There is something so unique about turning old barn wood into the floor that your family or customers will love and live on for years to come. Whether you're looking to put reclaimed flooring throughout your home or create a historic and eco-conscious atmosphere in your coffee shop, we'd be honored to install our reclaimed wood for you!