Shelf Mounting: The Basics

After you picked the perfect shelving material or mantel, the next question you might ask yourself is, “how am I going to mount this to the wall?”

Real Antique Wood offers several stylish options to securely fasten your new shelves or mantels in your home.  All strong enough to withstand the weight of the wood and much more, while also easily blending into the natural décor of your home. 

Floating Shelf Mounts

Made of cold rolled steel, the floating shelf mounts can easily be hidden so only the wood is visible. Real Antique Wood offers two mounts – 20” and 36” – perfect for showing only the shelf not the bracket.

Retro Industrial Shelving Brackets

You have the choice between single level mounts and a four-level shelf bracket to place anywhere you need. Beautiful and practical, these mounts help ensure your space stays orderly and clean.


A corbel is a structural piece of wood jutting from a wall to stylishly bear weight. Real Antique Wood offers various sizes and designs so you can find the right corbel for your home.