Is Kiln Drying That Important? 

To answer that question simply, if the wood is going in your home, office or business - yes. Blog post over. Carry on with your day. 

But to get a little more detail as to why kiln drying is important, let’s take a deeper look into the process and how the kiln works. 

We have three kilns on our grounds which are continually drying materials for us to mill and use. Each kiln has a dehumidification system as well as a heating element to bring the kiln up to temperature. 

The moisture content of the wood dictates how long the material will be in the kiln. We typically like to bring the moisture content of our wood down to 6%-8%. This will eliminate any shrinking and warping of the material once it’s at its final destination, 

and sterilize the material so if there are any powder post beetles or wood consuming insect, they will be neutralized. 

The last thing anyone wants is for you to install some beautiful barn siding, and then have bugs flying around.

A friend of Real Antique Wood brought in a few slabs that were air dried and look what we found…


While you may save some dollars on material that is air dried, there is a very good chance you may be bringing some unwanted guests with the wood.