Reclaiming the Restaurant Scene

Reclaimed wood has been growing in popularity for the last several years. Even to the point where you’ll see it in locations outside the home. The warm, comforting environment reclaimed wood creates can’t be ignored which is why it’s more popular in restaurants now, more than ever.

Not only is reclaimed wood aesthetically pleasing, it is a green product. By repurposing material from old barns and structures, we bring old wood back to life. If the wood was not to be reclaimed and used again, it would end up rotting, turning to dust, or burned sending smoke pollution into the air.

So gone are the days of only seeing old wood in rustic establishments in the mountains or out west and in are the days of creating a classic, warm environment. We’ve worked with several restaurants all over the country to create reclaimed products for them. From ceiling beams and trusses all the way to the tables you enjoy your meals on, here are a few of our favorites:

Wood Stack Pizza

Wood Stack Pizza Kitchen - Pine Brook, NJ

We hooked up Wood Stack Pizza Kitchen in Pine Brook with hemlock tables, Dour fir benches, and hemlock and pine beam skins for the wall. Order a freshly made pie (no not apple) and feel right at home.

The Coffee Box

The Coffee Box - Plainfield, NJ

The place that brought us Tom. Get a cup of joe to go and see the brown barn siding which turned Tom onto Real Antique Wood.

Rosemary's Pizza

Rosemary’s Pizza - New York, NY

This neighborhood pizzeria in NYC is a taste of Tuscany with a side of reclaimed Americana. These custom basket weave tables are made with our reclaimed Harvest mix.

Surf Staten Island

Surf - Staten Island, NY

While the restaurant is filled with rows and rows of our reclaimed wood tables, kickback and look up. You’ll see gorgeous beams decorating the ceiling making this restaurant reclaimed from top to bottom.


Takorea BBQ - Harrison, NJ

While you’re placing your order and checking out with the tastiest tacos and Korean BBQ in town, check out our American white barn siding.

The Ainsworth

The Ainsworth - New York, NY

With a prime location right outside of Webster Hall, The Ainsworth has reclaimed wood tables reserved just for you.

Twin Elephant Brewing Company

Twin Elephant Brewing Company - Chatham, NJ

When your grabbing the next round for you and your friends, take a gander at the twin oak threshing floor boards used to create this custom bar top.


As you can see, reclaimed wood is very versatile and can be used in many different applications. One aspect of reclaimed wood that will always remain true is that its look and feel cannot be duplicated by new wood, no matter how hard one tries.

If you’re opening or remodeling your restaurant and want to reclaim it, give us a call and we’ll gladly help.