Antique Barn Pulleys

During our many trips to dismantle old barns and bring back the wood to our mill, we’re lucky enough to find many barns filled with antique farming equipment and tools. And they are ours for the taking!  We’ve collected such an eclectic selection of historic American equipment dating back to the Industrial Revolution.  Walking through our antique shop, you’ll be surprised to see everything from farming equipment to Americana memorabilia and beyond.

Below is our collection of antique barn pulleys originally used to carry and store hay. According to Collector’s Weekly:

“One of the most common types of pulleys collected by fans of Americana is the barnyard pulley, which usually featured wood blocks, metal sheaves, and a cast iron hook. Other barn pulleys were more decorative, with embossed or pierced cast-iron blocks and handsome wooden sheaves. Regardless of their design, these pulleys were typically used to lift bales of hay into the lofts of barns. Pulleys at the top of wells tended to be more decorative than those mounted under the eaves of barns since they were so much more visible to the user.”

Today, pulleys are often reused for decorative purposes like lighting fixtures.  The majority of the pulleys in our collection date back to the early 1800s.  Whether you’re looking to add to or start your collection, the designs and metal used make each pulley are a unique piece of American history.