Antique Wooden Ship Signs

We're always coming across new and exciting treasure on our nonstop hunt for reclaimed wood and our latest haul is no exception. These mahogany and teak signs were once on the sides of ships! The SeaLand signs come from the well known Maersk SeaLand shipping company and the Azalea City was a ship that was sunken off the coast of Point Pleasant, NJ to become an ocean reef. As for the rest, well we're just using our imagination to fill in the blanks. These signs range from 10' to 18' long, with carved letters painted in different colors like white and gold. These signs would make the perfect rustic addition to restaurants, large kitchens, businesses, and outdoor spaces. We can't wait to see what creative ways our customers use them! Come by the shop to check out these great antique signs and let your imagination run wild.