Custom Tables from Real Antique Wood

Your specialty coffee order.

The perfect piece of pizza to cool off.

The season premier of your favorite show.

A new custom table from Real Antique Wood.

Some things are worth the wait. After taking nearly 18 months off of creating custom dining tables for our customers, it’s time we bring them back.

There’s something about using the wood we reclaim from 18th century structures and building a piece of furniture where so much could happen – the next business venture, the next cause to move a generation, or the place where parents connect with their children.

We don’t want to keep these moments from happening, but before they can, there are a few things we need to address:

  • Custom tables from us take time. Yes we touched on this already, but we want you to understand. We will take the time needed to make your table perfect. We won’t rush the process and we know you’ll appreciate the attention to detail we give every table. Therefore, it might be 10 weeks or more before you get your table.

  • We want face time with you before we even start the manufacturing process. No not FaceTime, because let’s be real, we all look awkward doing it. But we do need to have an in-person meeting with you to ensure the table you want is the table you get. This consultation does come with a $150 per hour fee. Think of it as a mini-deposit, as we’ll apply that towards the purchase of your table. You may ask yourself, “why are they charging me for a consultation? Shouldn’t that be free?” No. And here’s why…

  • Time (ours, yours, everyone’s) is valuable. If every business gave free meetings or consultations, would they be in business? Probably not. Because we do so much more than just tables, we need to be very conscious of our time. Your custom table will be worth all your investments – time and financial.

Our wood comes with a story from another generation. The furniture we create will collect stories from your children’s children. Come have a seat at our table and let’s discuss your next story.

If you’re interested in having a custom table made from us, please fill out this form and a member of our team will follow up directly with you.