Indonesian Boat Wood - Summer Collection

Summer is here and all is right with the world. Pool parties, block parties, barbecues and lemonade stands — any excuse to get outside and breathe in the summer air. Just imagining all of these backyard gatherings gives us a thrill and we’re not kidding when we say we have just the piece for your outdoor decor. We’ve taken a nautical spin with our Summer 2015 Collection featuring our Indonesian Boat Wood tables and benches. We have several tables and benches in stock, all made from reclaimed boat wood in a variety of bold and beautiful colors.

This reclaimed boat wood comes from fishermen in Indonesia who find that their boats are too costly to repair or are beyond repair. What would ordinarily be burned as cooking fuel gets passed on and turned into beautiful pieces like these. Perfect for a backyard patio or deck, a restaurant, or even your dining room, this unique spin on reclaimed wood will bring some color and character to your space. Check out the full collection below.