Jammin’ Crepes

Locals love this spot for the fresh Jersey ingredients and daily creations served up fresh.  We love it for its cozy interior, filled with authentic reclaimed barn wood walls and inviting atmosphere (and the sticky buns don’t hurt either). We recently visited Princeton’s Jammin’ Crepes to check out the newly opened farmer’s market stand turned restaurant to check out the reclaimed materials we supplied for this new eatery.

Originally known for their locally sourced, homemade jams, the Jammin’ Crepes storefront features a built in shelving unit showcasing a variety of their well-loved jams. The mason jars filled with preserved Jersey produce and jams filling the wall remind visitors of their farmer’s market origins and perfectly match the farm-like interior. Sourcing hundred-year-old-plus reclaimed materials from our mill gave the eatery an authentically rustic and refined environment. The interior is laid back and casual, with reminders of the food’s Jersey roots outlined by a map on the wall.

During a barn trip our crew took this past year to Findlay, Ohio, they gathered a load of red barn wood boards. They dismantled the barn in its entirety and the materials made their way back to our New Jersey mill. The corrugated tin lining the upper wall of the restaurant’s seating area hails from an Ohio barn and perfectly recreates a charming farm stand atmosphere. Our shop’s General Manager and fabricator of all things wood and metal, Anthony, created several tables from various sources of reclaimed wood from our neck of the woods. The reclaimed wood we find in our area is uniquely different than what we find in Ohio and other parts of the midwest.

This variation in wood allows us to showcase the beauty of the historic wood from different parts of the country. Anthony’s high top, communal dining table was constructed from wood originally from a turn of the century Manhattan brownstone. To change the look of the tables up a bit, he also used skip planed Hemlock salvaged from a 19th century industrial warehouse just up the road from our mill in Bloomfield, NJ. Additional material incorporated into the design came from a barn on Shades of Death Road in New Jersey — but that place is a whole other story in itself!

Taking a trip to the Princeton area? Be sure to give Jammin’ Crepes a visit!