Set Sails with the Coastal Collection

Have you met our Coastal Collection yet? It's hard to miss or ignore if you've been to our showroom as these colorful, unique pieces are so versatile it's hard not to find a use for one of them. 

The Coastal Collection consists of furniture constructed from reclaimed, decommissioned Indonesian fishing boats. Built on the island of Java, the hand-crafted collection is made from dense woods well suited to withstand the outdoor elements and bring year-round enjoyment. 

You can find the following pieces within our collection:

Bow Boards - Ranging from 80" to 120" tall, these versatile pieces can be used for benches, counter tops, bar tops, or even as decorative art. You can shop our collection of Bow Boards online!

Square/Rectangular Table Tops - These colorful tops are perfect for any shore house. Ranging from 36" x 36" to 44" x 12', all of your guests will want to sit around one of these unique tables.

Bar Stools - what's better than sitting near your boat wood table or bar than on Coastal Collection barstools?! We have shorts measuring in at 18" tall, and more traditional stools coming in at just under 30" high. 

Come by our showroom in Irvington, NJ to take a close look at this colorful collection. Trust us, you won't find anything like this anywehre else!