Meet The Team: Lisa Horvath, Owner

Lisa Horvath, also known as Lee, The Big Boss, and Little Lisa, is the other owner of Real Antique Wood. It's been one crazy and amazing ride since Lisa and Gary met in the early 90s, got married, and joined forces to start A.T.C. Hardwood Flooring. Back in 2011 when Gary approached Lisa about the problems he faced with sourcing reclaimed wood flooring and wanting to provide customers with the history of the old wood, Lisa was the one who encouraged the idea of opening their own reclaimed wood operation.

The skills Lisa gained as a successful hair stylist and the office manager for a well known concierge car service, combined with her many years of wood flooring experience, gave her a creative and business-minded approach that was necessary to turn the dream of Real Antique Wood into a reality.

With an intuitive eye for design, Lisa has an extraordinary ability to bring a customer's vision to life. She is the smiling face that greets our customers in the showroom, the friendly voice that answers the phone, and the one who keeps us all in line here at the shop. Lisa has kept the engines running at the mill, making sure customers are taken care of, the orders are processed, our crew is happy, and Gary is on schedule with his many appointments. For years she has done the work of 5 people and we're so happy that our work family has grown to support her!

Lisa can be found carrying barn doors three times her size, sawing a piece of wood that needs to be cut, or playing tag with her beloved dog Levi around the showroom. Lisa's warm heart, patience, and no nonsense attitude make her the perfect balance to Gary's relentless drive. Real Antique Wood owes its legacy to this strong woman and her true love for all things old wood.