Tommy’s Two Cents: NWFA Expo 2018


This week's blog post is written by Tom who attended last week's NWFA Expo.

This was the first time that I’ve attended the NWFA Expo and, as a newcomer, there was a lot to take in. Almost everyone in attendance was a new face to me. 

I have attended other conventions and shows before, not focused on the wood flooring industry, and there were a couple of things that stood out to me.  The first being that the wood flooring industry is filled with very passionate people.  Some of these folks are extremely creative and artistic with vision that can be transferred from their brains to “the canvass,” aka subfloor.   Others have a scientific approach achieving their precision by using complex geometric equations.  Either way, what they are able to achieve is nothing short of remarkable.

Another facet of the convention was a push towards the use of natural products.  Although this was my first visit to the NWFA Expo, I can tell you that for years most people have used poly based finishes on their floors.  Polyurethane, or “poly”, is a product that is essentially a plastic finish used to protect the beauty of wood floors.  If this sounds like a  strange concept to you it absolutely is and I felt exactly the same way when I learned this same fact.  Nevertheless this has been happening for years and it seems as though the educated consumer is finally catching on and demanding a change.  Prior to using poly most wood floors were finished with wax, a natural product, that requires slightly more upkeep than poly, but is an exponentially better finish that will protect the life and look of your floors for years to come.  Real Antique Wood Owner, Gary, a professional floor installer with more than 35 years experience always recommends using a wax finish on the floors he installs, with a particular bias to DuraSeal.

To sum everything up I will never look at a wood floor the same way after attending the 2018 NWFA Expo.  A wood floor is a living breathing object and one of the most important design features in your home.  Make sure that you hire someone who has a passion for their craft.  It may cost a few extra bucks but the dividends it will pay for years to come is priceless.