Our Reclaimed Barn Boards in H Mart Displays

As a small company located in New Jersey, it’s always exciting to see the places our material and custom built furniture travels to. No matter how far away, we’re happy to work with clients who are sourcing high quality reclaimed wood products to preserve not just the natural beauty of the old wood, but our forests as well. When the Korean market H Mart came to us looking for materials to upgrade existing locations and add to new locations, we couldn’t wait to see how the barn wood we so love would look in their modern market spaces.

In these photos, our reclaimed barn boards cover the walls and displays in this Buena Vista, Southern California H Mart. Our materials cover the walls behind all of the “produce,” “seafood,” and “meat” food displays, as well as additional signage around the store. Outside of this California location, our materials have been used for floor to ceiling wall coverings, and product displays. The H Mart markets are beautifully designed with a mix of modern elements and our reclaimed, raw barn wood, not to mention the authentic Korean flair. Here at the mill, Anthony painted colors picked by the client and sanded all of the blue and white boards for this So Cal spot.

H Mart is a nationwide Korean grocer specializing in high quality, organic produce, and other products.  Find our materials in their MA, TX, NY, and now CA locations!