Reclaiming Inspiration: Projects You Can Complete with Reclaimed Wood

Some of you may have worked with reclaimed wood in the past, but there’s a large population of woodworkers and DIYers that have yet to be touched by the old wood gods. And that’s OK. We get it – working with old wood is not as easy as working with new wood, but trust us, there’s nothing to fear. 

Reclaimed wood is like a fine wine… it just gets better with time. So don’t miss out on tasting a piece of history by staying away from reclaimed wood. 

To help you get a taste of reclaimed wood work, we’ve called out a few of our favorite pieces our customers created on their own!


To be honest, this is probably the easiest way to begin working with reclaimed wood. We offer a wide variety of shelving options in our showroom for you to choose from. We also have brackets ready to go, making this the easiest in-home project you’ll ever do!


Accent Wall

There’s no better way that capture someone’s attention when they walk into a room than with an accent wall. Make it reclaimed, and they won’t help but to swoon. This is actually our Old Pub flooring line used to create this wall, but we have tons of red, white, black, silver/gray and brown barn siding waiting for you.

TV Wall.jpg

Bonus Inspiration! You don’t have to do a whole wall with barn siding. This customer framed their fireplace with black, white and silver/gray barn siding! Insert heart eye emoji here.


You can learn the basics of accent wall installation from our YouTube video


We source everything from fresh reclaimed planks to live edge slabs – everything you need to make the perfect rustic table of your dreams. This table was created with reclaimed pine to make a beautiful herringbone pattern. Photo credit @mcmellett on Instagram


Corn Hole

Bean bags, bag toss, corn hole. Call it whatever you want, but there’s no denying the fun that can be had with reclaimed wood. Photo credit @ buckanddoeworkshop on Instagram


If you have questions about buying or working with reclaimed wood, don’t hesitate to ask us!