St. Louis, Old Wood, and The Story

Last week the team packed up and headed to St. Louis for the National Wood Flooring Association’s annual expo. There we received two awards for our live edge walnut flooring: Wood Floor of the Year for Best Limited Species category and Wood Floor of the Year overall Members’ Choice. Not bad for some old wood. It was a wonderful trip where we met great people, saw old friends, and shared a ton of laughs.

We’re back at the mill now and busier than ever. Something about our trip to St. Louis changed us. We can sense this fresh and exciting momentum carrying us along. With so many projects on the horizon (including a top secret project that we are truly bursting at the seams waiting to tell you about) it’s challenging at times to keep our eyes on that horizon. It may seem hokey, but being surrounded by all of this old wood helps ground us. We remember that we are more than just fabricators or designers or woodworkers — we play an important role in the story.

The story of this old wood is the story of all of us. It represents our connection with our earth, with our history, with our future. The beams and boards that we rescue are more than just wood, they are a portrait of the relationship between nature and mankind, of a future that is yet to be written. We know that our role in this story is clear. We are here to reclaim this precious material, to give it new purpose and new life. In doing so we continue that story, adding to the drama and the romance. But it doesn’t end with us. Once we pass it on to you — whether in the form of a farm table or a bundle of boards — the story is then in your hands. It is humbling to wonder where these pieces of once magnificent and ancient trees will travel to through time and space as they are shaped by our hands and our dreams.

From the bottom of our hearts we are thankful. Thank you to all of you for your support and your encouragement. Thank you to the barns that we’ve taken down and to the barns lying in the spring sun awaiting our arrival. Thank you to the story that plays out on our beautiful land, on our spinning planet, in this vast and wild universe.