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How to Pick the “Right” Wood for Your Floors

How to Pick the “Right” Wood for Your Floors

So once you’ve decided to move forward with reclaimed wood floors, it’s time to pick the type of reclaimed wood to use. This could be a tedious process, but to help you along the way, we’ve asked our very own Lisa Horvath a few questions to help you find the “right” type of wood for you.

Disclaimer: Old Wood Is Imperfect

Old wood is imperfect. It bears the scars of hundreds of years of weathering and aging. It is infused with the grain and character that only comes with decades of growth in virgin forests. It has cracks, splits, holes, and even after it’s been baked in our kiln it will continue to morph and settle before your eyes. Antique wood has a soul, and it’s best not to contain it. Consider yourself warned.

Antique Wood is imperfect.

RAW at Whole Foods

We love that we get to bring reclaimed wood to different spaces and places. The Whole Foods in Morristown, New Jersey is chock full of reclaimed wood from our shop and we visited recently to check things out. Our white oak can be seen throughout the store from accent wall siding to signage. We love the backdrop that reclaimed wood provides to so much delicious food!