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Brace Yourself: Mantel Season is Here

Brace Yourself: Mantel Season is Here

That’s right RAW fans. We’re full steam ahead into mantel season and we’re churning them out left and right for our customers. 

Before it gets too late to get your own, you’re going to want to give us a call and order yours. But first, there’s a few things to consider and know before we can even help you out. 

Disclaimer: Old Wood Is Imperfect

Old wood is imperfect. It bears the scars of hundreds of years of weathering and aging. It is infused with the grain and character that only comes with decades of growth in virgin forests. It has cracks, splits, holes, and even after it’s been baked in our kiln it will continue to morph and settle before your eyes. Antique wood has a soul, and it’s best not to contain it. Consider yourself warned.

Antique Wood is imperfect.