Customer Q & A: White Barn Siding Playhouse

How cool would it be to have your own reclaimed wood playhouse in your backyard? Well let us answer that for you - very cool!

Over the summer, one of our new customers, Jen, built this unique playhouse for her children out of our reclaimed white barn siding.

D'Agosta Playhouse-3 social.jpg

We sat down with Jen and chatted about this project and working with reclaimed wood…

What was your inspiration for making this playhouse?

For over a year my daughters’ have been wanting a playset. We looked at some of the typical playsets you find at places that interestingly sell fencing and sheds, as well as Amazon. We also looked as some companies that create bespoke designs and was surprised at the cost of this approach.  We also considered the finite use of these sets.  I am a designer by trade and I just could not put up a cookie cutter set, and decided that I would make my own.  So I started by looking at some Pinterest pages, then found myself looking at Tiny House blogs too.

How did you come up with the design?

There were a combination of factors that contributed to the design in the end.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and am constantly looking at of the grid mountain houses and cabins. Aesthetically, I am a big fan of Mid-Century Modern Architecture and Scandinavian design.  At the time, professionally I was working on a few Distillery Projects in Kentucky and was looking at different wood materials, receiving samples of these materials while searching for the right look.  At first I was thinking of using the Japanese charred wood technique ‘Shou Sugi Ban’, but that was something too cost prohibitive.  My kids are very concerned about the environment, so it hit me that I should use reclaimed materials to help that cause, plus I liked the look of many of the materials I had received.

D'Agosta Playhouse-8 social.jpg

How was it working with reclaimed wood?

It was pretty straight forward actually. But I did purchase the milled and kiln dried to make things easier.

Did you have any challenges in the building process?

Yes of course!  I work full time in the city, so my build time was limited to evenings and weekends to work on this, and it seemed that every moment I had it was raining. Plus, I had every kid in the neighborhood in my backyard eagerly awaiting the completion, and offering assistance.  So I did some amateur ‘help’.

D'Agosta Playhouse-11.jpg

Where did you begin? What were your first steps?

I began with image research. Then I did cad drawings.

How did you hear about/find Real Antique Wood?

I did a google search for reclaimed wood.  And I was lucky enough to find RAW, and it was so close! 

D'Agosta Playhouse-6 social.jpg

 Why reclaimed wood for this project?            

Originally I wanted to do get Charred wood, but it was too cost prohibitive.  SO I started to think about reclaimed wood. 

Any future projects in the works?

Not yet!  But based on the feedback from friends, neighbors, and my partner, I may find something to keep me busy soon!  At the moment I am busy with designs for clients at my day job.

If you could do it all over again would you change anything?

I think I would have taken a few days off of work so that I could have finished sooner!

D'Agosta Playhouse-10 social.jpg

Would you recommend using reclaimed material to a friend?

Absolutely. And I have! Many people have asked where I got this product. I also sent one of my clients RAW contact information, so they could look at some of the farm tools that they needed for a museum project I was involved in at the time.  Also, it just feels good to reuse materials, than to use up precious resources for something new.