Why Buy and Use Reclaimed Wood

Before we jump into the why, let’s all be on the same page as to what reclaimed wood is. Reclaimed wood is has been salvaged from sources such as factories, old barns, retired ships, warehouses and more. 

By using reclaimed wood, you’re keeping your link to the past alive as you look toward the future. 

So why choose reclaimed? Here’s a quick list of the top 5 reasons to go reclaimed:

  1. You Love the Environment
    1. Using reclaimed wood reduces the need to harvest wood for forests. This helps preserve the earth, ecosystems and living organisms utilizing standing trees. Real Antique Wood is certified from the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC) which means our products come from responsibly managed origins that provide environmental, social and economical benefits.    
  2. You Love to Give Old Wood New Life
    1. If you love refurbishing antiques and giving them a new home, then guess what? You can do the same to old wood!According to the USDA, one billion feet of usable lumber is produced from demolishing buildings. When you buy old wood, you’re also purchasing a piece of unique history.
  3. You Love the Character of Reclaimed Wood
    1. Each piece of reclaimed wood is unique - there’s no doubt about that. Ageless and beautiful, salvaged lumber has so much character and history, each piece has its own story.
  4. You Can’t Buy New Old-Growth Lumber Anymore
    1. Old-growth” refers to trees that have naturally reached their full maturity within an environment that encourages slow growth. Old-growth trees are typically stronger and larger than other because they took decades, and even centuries, to mature. Because of the diversity of old-growth forests are now protected, you can’t buy old-growth wood anymore. That means using reclaimed old-growth wood is the perfect alternative. 
  5. You Love Originality 
    1. As we mentioned in point 3, each piece of reclaimed wood is unique. With so many modern products being mass produced, finding something unique could be difficult. However, when you buy reclaimed wood, you can be sure each and every piece is 100 percent original and isn’t mass produced like other modern wood products.

We love old wood. We also love a good story. When we hear of old barns and structures that are being demolished, we jump at the chance to save them. We rescue this wood and then we turn it into something remarkable. By investing and using reclaimed wood, you’re keeping a link to the past alive as we move toward the future.