Our Buckskin flooring is truly a sight to behold.  The flooring derives its name from the tan and black horses that resemble the colors of the floor. 

The flooring is a combination between our Harvest and reclaimed red and white oak horse fencing.  We receive this black painted horse fencing once it has come to the end of its useful life as a fence. 

In order to make it usable as flooring it is kiln dried, end trimmed, skip planed and molded into Tongue and Groove Flooring.  

The Horse Fencing only comes in 4” and 5” widths.  For this reason we, as the manufacturer, recommend ordering the entire floor in 4” and/or 5” widths. 

While you can get the hardwood mix in random widths (3” - 12”) by ordering this custom floor in 4” and/or 5” widths it will give the flooring contractor the most options when laying the floor in order to achieve a desired look.