Custom pieces

Your custom piece of furniture is truly one of a kind and is artisan crafted with thorough detail and care. Our handmade furniture is made from antique wood that we salvage from American barns and other structures. The wood has been outside in the elements for decades and therefore contains character like holes, cracks, nicks, wormholes, insect tracks, and saw marks. These imperfections are what makes reclaimed wood unique and we do not consider them defects. Our wood is kiln dried to kill off any bugs that may be living inside as well as to lower the moisture content of the wood.

table tops with bread boards

Wood is a natural material and it expands and contracts throughout the different seasons of the year. You may notice shrinkage in your table top that might cause your bread board ends to stick out past the vertical table planks. If this happens allow your table to go through one whole year of seasons in your home. Most of the time the bread board ends will even out with the table planks again. As Anthony says, "The wood is never going to stop moving." During the finishing process your table receives multiple coats of a water-based (acrylic) finish. Due to the multi-layered finish, each piece will have slightly different shading and grain patterns.


Since solid wood is a natural fiber it will shrink and expand with the seasons for the entirety of its lifetime because of changes in humidity and temperature. It is important not to expose your furniture to the extremes in temperature and humidity. Seasonal cracks may appear if humidity is not maintained at 30-40%. Do not expose directly to sunlight or near other heat sources, like stoves or radiators. Never store furniture in attics, basements, or damp areas. Wood panels and tabletop joints will move and gap slightly in the center or edges depending on the humidity of the season. Solid wood changes color over time under normal conditions of light exposure.

reclaimed wood Care & Cleaning

We recommend dusting your reclaimed wood piece gently using a damp cloth, following the wood grain. Avoid using a dry or old cloth as this may scratch the finish. You can clean up spills immediately with warm water and mild dish soap or diluted water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Buff and dry the spot and do not allow puddling of water or liquids for long periods of time. Avoid polishes and cleaners that have a base or contain ammonia, silicon or bleach (Murphy's Oil, Pledge, etc.) These will leave a film on your reclaimed wood piece. We recommend using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on our reclaimed wood pieces. Ask us about purchasing some!

Real Antique Wood stands behind its products. All furniture must be used for its intended uses only. We warrant all furniture products to be free from manufacturing defects for one year. Should service under this warranty be needed, the purchaser must first contact Real Antique Wood and place in writing with photos, about the service needed. All items returned will need written approval from Real Antique Wood. Real Antique Wood's obligation, if found to be a manufacturing defective under normal use, care and service will, under this limited warranty and within thirty days from the receipt of the product, at the option of Real Antique Wood, replace the product with an equal type if available, repair or have repaired if possible, with a written recommendation from Real Antique Wood.

Repairs and/or replacements under this warranty will be made at the option and solely by Real Antique Wood and in its written sole discretion, authorizes at no charge to purchaser. Should one of our pieces become unusable and require repair after the first year, please drop off the item after written approval from Real Antique Wood to our workshop and we will repair it. If there is any packing, delivery and shipping to and from Real Antique Wood under this warranty, it will be the responsibility of the customer.

This warranty does not cover damages which result from neglect, abuse or acts of nature, damage or wear and tear to any swivel mechanisms, normal wear and tear, insect damage, exposure to extremes in temperatures or humidity, water damages due to immersion, fading or discoloration in finish over time, scratches, blemishes or slight color variations in wood grain, minor size variations, unauthorized repairs, alterations or misuse of the item causing breakage and/or scratching of wood surface.

Tables are expected to be used for dining. Bar stools and benches are intended only for seating. Hutches and vanities are intended to be used only for storage and display. Any other use could be harmful and will invalidate this warranty. All furniture taller than wider should be placed on a level surface and attached to a wall and/or a support.

If items are built to the approved specifications, they are not guaranteed to fit in building doorways, stairways, or its desired location. It is up to the customer to measure beforehand and let us know.

Please Note If something is found that is not covered under the warranty, Real Antique Wood will be glad to repair the item at a cost to purchaser/owner. Purchaser/owner will be responsible and charged for all cost to repairs and/or replacements of product and all cost to pack, delivery and shipping of product to and from Real Antique Wood for repair. 

Real Antique Wood's pieces are made by hand with natural materials and we cannot guarantee any piece sold to look or be exactly like a specific photo or other piece. 


Thank you for buying American made wood pieces that generations to come will enjoy!

The Real Antique Wood Family